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Training base

All our courses and flights are conducted in „Aerotraining’s“ modern pilot training center complex,  based in Paluknys. There You’ll find all the infrastructure and learning means needed, such as:


Theory courses

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Training class rooms with modern multimedia equipment.


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Computer-Based Training (CBT) programs, created for training with aircrafts A-320, B737-300/900, SAAB-340.






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Aircraft cockpit models, designed for training with aircrafts

A-320, B737-300/900, SAAB-340. 


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Big and regular updated training data bases and exams questions banks

in order You could get the latest information and successfully

prepare for the exams in CAA.





Flight training: aircrafts

For initial pilot training we have single and multi-engine aircrafts maintained at the highest levels of safety: 


„Cessna“ 172H, „Cessna“ 152, „Piper Seneca-V“, „Piper Seneca-III“.

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All aircrafts in the fleet can be rented for hour building purposes.


Flights – in Lithuania and Latvia














Flight bases of „Aerotraining“ are in Paluknys aerodrome in Lithuania, 40 km from the capital city Vilnius, and in Spilve aerodrome in Latvia, 5 km from the center of the capital Ryga.


Training flights in Lithuania are conducted in Paluknys aerodrome (code EYVP, category 1-A), with 2 ground runways (measurements: 650x50 m and  600x100 m). It is convenient to fly in Paluknys, because aerodrome, „Aerotraining’s“ pilot training complex and hotel for students are in one place. So You won’t have to worry how to reach the airfield – the runway and planes will find just near the training complex building.


One more advantage to make training flights in Paluknys is that around You’ll find a lot of other small aerodromes and Vilnius international airport. So You’ll have great opportunities to practice approaching, landing and take-off flight procedures according to IFR in various environments.




In Latvia training flights are conducted in Spilve aerodrome, located just 5 km from the center of the capital Ryga. Aerodrome’s code is EVRS, type – local, there is one asphalt runway (measurements: 1,000 x 23 m). It is very convenient and easy to reach Spilve aerodrome from Ryga international airport, also there is a big range of accommodation options.






Flight training in full flight simulators (FFS)

s6s7The theory part of commercial pilot qualification courses is conducted in „Aerotraining’s“ pilot training center complex. The practical part (initial and repeated flight training) we offer to exercise in full flight simulators (FFS), located in various European countries.